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Each decorative cup specially designed in Mexico and hand painted in Nepal. They are made of lead-free material and ideal for organising stationary, makeup utensils or even bathroom essentials. 

Diameter : 8 cm

Height : 12 cm

All our products are 100% handmade and hand painted. Images shown are for illustration purpose only, actual products may have a slight variation due to the manufacturing/design process. Any minor imperfections are evidences of its handmade nature. 

All designs belongs to Tiger & Arcadia and are submitted to copyright. Making any unauthorized copy of our designs would infringe copyright and is subject to penalties.

Care instruction : Not suitable for dishwasher machine and do not soak in hot water or strong detergents. Only gentle hand wash with no detergent on the exterior part of the decorative cups.

Origin : Mexico & Nepal.  



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