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Our Founder

Hello! I am Cecilia Romero, founder of Manta & Rebozo. I created Manta & Rebozo as my passion has always been to help Hand-made, artisanal products become more mainstream throughout our society. Manta & Rebozo has become a way of spreading Mexico’s as well as other countries, rich history and culture through our beautiful hand crafted items. Created in 2011, we have invented a new way for hand-made products and small businesses to promote their products, whilst simultaneously promoting the culture from their respective countries.


What We Do

We aim to share the beautifully handcrafted items with the UAE, and ultimately with all GCC countries. We aspire to have our audience associate the vibrant & unique colours & pieces with the less privileged people in Mexico who are being supported by your purchases.


To help talented and passionate Artisans of Mexico. Ultimately we seek to bring about change in the UAE, by patronizing and supporting the concept of sustainable living by using handcrafted items to help less fortunate but hardworking people and create a healthy environment by using products natural in components. We want to empower local communities, mainly consisting of women, and boost their morale to contribute to the family and their local community.


Our Partners

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